The artist enjoys working with clients to create site-specific art. This portfolio showcases some of her favorite projects. If you are a designer, please contact the artist to discuss your needs. A custom presentation will be emailed to you to send to your clients!

IncandescenceOn Beyond BlueSymphony in COriginsSymphony with CeladonThe Tide is TurningCrescendoIl MareSerendipityTangoRed Sky at MorningAidturn JungleSilence - SOLDWeb of Desire - SOLDTempestuousTropiFirebirdSymphony for EmilyFirst LightDeep ForestVortex in RoomBallet duo JardinSpirits RisingBlue SunromanticaDeep Summerjourney - soldArrival of Spring - Collection of Gene SamburgPrimordial Place Birth of the Blues - available for saleFlights of Fancy - poured painting 30 x 50 inches - for saleancient dances - soldspectral journey - John Deere Corp. Collectionbirches - soldrojo X 2 - soldthe winds of time I - soldMi Corazon RotoBirth of the BluesLiquid Light in room setting - SOLDDancing Dreams