The artist enjoys working with clients to create site-specific art. This portfolio showcases some of her favorite projects. If you are a designer, please contact the artist to discuss your needs. A custom presentation will be emailed to you to send to your clients!

After the RainSummer Stormthe Winds of TimeA Great Day for ChangeHopeFifty ShadesA Day at the BeachAquamarine DreamsPas de DeuxCalypsoFandangoAquariusIl Mare (the Sea)PromisesFleeting ThoughtsCopper CanyonEmergenceEmissaryWinged VictorySymphony for EmilyIncandescenceSpectral DancesFirst LightArc of the Imaginals 15 ft high x 21 fe wideNight JungleRomancing BlueStorm over the ValleyCorn Dance - SOLDThe Heart Knows - SOLDSymphony in C - SOLDSerenityOriginsStorm Over Santa FeIt Was a Rainy AprilDeep ForestFire and IceLeft: Blue Sun, Right: TangoDancing DreamsBlue SunIt Takes Two to TangoWhispersSymphony with CeladonThe Tide is Turning - SOLDA Great Day for SkydivingThe Winds of TimeCrescendo - SoLDCrossroadsSerendipity - SoLDTangoRed Sky at MorningAutumn JungleA Winter SeaSunshineAwakeningBreachMountains and SeaSeductionSilence - SOLDWeb of Desire - SOLDCalla - SOLDTempestuousTropi - SOLDFirebird - SOLDThe Flames of PassionKaleidoscope - SOLDIntersections - 24 inch cell cast acrylic diskA Little More Red - SOLDVortex - SOLDConvergence - SOLDTrilogy SculptureJewels - SOLDAlphaOn Beyond BlueBallet duo Jardin - SOLDSpirits RisingEchoes of a Love - SOLDPassion in RedIntersections 2Enigma Triptych - SOLDSpectral JourneyOctober Sky - SOLDRockin' the RedsTurning the TideRomantica - SOLDSunrise in the GardenDeep Summer - SOLDJourney - SOLDCarnation - SOLDArrival of Spring - Collection of Gene SamburgPrimordial Place - SoLDBahama Dreaming - SOLDRomancing REd - SOLDAdirondack MorningBirth of the BluesFlights of FancyAncient Dances - SOLDspectral journey - John Deere Corp. CollectionBirches - SOLDrojo X 2 - soldthe winds of time I - soldMi Corazon RotoColor of Jazz - SOLDLiquid Light - SOLDEchoes of a Dream - Commission for cientPhenomenon With Red