The artist enjoys working with clients to create site-specific art. This portfolio showcases some of her favorite projects. If you are a designer, please contact the artist to discuss your needs. A custom presentation will be emailed to you to send to your clients!

Desert SunriseAlchemy with GoldSecretsA Great Day to MeditateJourney into BlueUnfoldingEuphoriaDeep DiveThe LoversGravity's EdgeCrysallis IIIMetamorphosis IICanyon WindsCoherenceEscapadesTransformationEtude in BlueCalifornia DreamingWeb of DreamsLook BeyondTangerineIn the WindAvalancheBe Still My HeartSurfsideA Tango with RedAbiquiu SpringPeace | Joy | Serenity triptychTurning The TideIn the BeginningMary's MumsHarvest TimeAn Aria for RBGA Little Morning JazzAfter the RainAlong the River of LifeSummer StormHigh Desert SpringThunderbeamsFusionA Great Day for ChangeHopeRed Sky at MorningFifty Shades - SOLDOn Beyond BlueA Day in the SurfAquamarine DreamsPas de DeuxA Little More Red IICalypsoFandangoAquariusPortofino NightsIl Mare (the Sea)Shadow DancingTempestuousFleeting ThoughtsCopper CanyonSymphony for EmilySpectral DancesFirst LightArc of the Imaginals 15 ft high x 21 ft wideNight JungleStorm over the ValleyCorn DanceOriginsStorm Over Santa FeIt Was a Rainy AprilDeep ForestFire and IceLeft: Blue Sun, Right: TangoBlue SunIt Takes Two to TangoWhispersTangoShenandoah DreamingThe Flames WithinA Great Day for SkydivingCrossroadsRed Sky at MorningArrivalA Winter SeaSunshineAwakeningSpirit DancingBreachA Great Day for Change SeductionSilence Crescendo CallaBirth of the BluesJourney Tropi Firebird The Flames of PassionKaleidoscope A Little More Red Vortex Passion in RedBallet duo Jardin AlphaRomantica Adirondack MorningMagma Rising Arc of the Imaginals - in the Boro Tower, Tysons, Vaspectral journey - John Deere Corp. CollectionLA LightsHarmonicsMysteriesCoherenceBossa Nova Blues x 4Fleeting ThoughtsRide the MelodyTango with BlueAlong the ReefPrimordial MistA Great Day for a Balloon RideDesert BreezesLevitationSounds of the SeaTurning Back TimeYou Give Me FeverMysteriesPassing in the NightWindy Blues757776151Time Keeps on Slipping Slipping into the FutureFire Dance  - SOLDChasing MoonbeamsA Great Day for SkiingA Day in Copper CanyonTango with CopperDancing Among the StarsThunderbeams IIMint Julep